EU summit: sanctions against Russia kept, energy union adopted


The head of the government participated in an informal meeting of the European Council devoted to, among other things, the European Union’s eastern policy and issues connected with the energy union.

Continuation of the sanctions against Russia

The head of the government informed that during the EU summit, the participants managed to link the provisions of the Minsk agreement with continuation of the sanctions. The Minsk agreement stipulates that the Ukrainian national border will be taken over by the end of the year. Consequently, the sanctions also have to remain in place until the end of the year – the prime minister pointed out. She explained that relevant decisions will be taken by June.

Ewa Kopacz said that the strategy concerning the conflict in Ukraine is as important as what happens to the south of the European Union. We have to be very active both in the eastern part of Europe and in the south – the prime minister emphasised.

Adoption of the energy union

The head of the government emphasised that the European Council adopted a provision on transparency of international and commercial contracts, which is particularly important to Poland. It was also agreed during the meeting that countries have the right to use their natural resources. The word ‘decarbonisation’ used in the conclusions concerns limitation of the carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere – the prime minister said. We don’t move away from coal – she explained.

Fight with terrorism

As the head of the government pointed out, the members of the European Council issued a statement condemning the terrorist attacks in Tunesia. If there is no effective “no” to terrorism in the world and Europe, such countries as Poland will be at risk of attacks. We have to demonstrate solidarity in the fight with terrorism, just as we now demonstrate solidarity to put an end to the acts of war in the east of Ukraine – the prime minister emphasised.


Photo: M. Śmiarowski / Chancellery of the Prime Minister

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