Poles in silent homage 70 years after Warsaw Uprising


Warsaw (AFP) – Poland’s capital ground to a halt on Friday and television and radio stations fell silent nationwide for 70 seconds as air-raid sirens wailed to mark seven decades since Polish insurgents launched the doomed Warsaw Uprising against the Nazis.

It was the culmination of the official celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, while the ceremony lasted for several days. On Wednesday, July 30, President awarded medals insurgents and state awards, then signed the Law on the Protection of the Mark Polish Fighting, which is the anchor of the letter „P”. In the evening at the National Stadium was a screening of the film „City 44”, and 31 July on Krasinski Square-concert „Singing Walls 44”.

The tragic experience of generations of Poles

The Warsaw Uprising collapsed deep in the hearts of Poles, many of them still can not be reconciled with the loss loved ones, and date of August 1 binds them not only with the outbreak of the Uprising, but also the responsibility to visit the graves of those who died.

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source: platforma.org

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