School essentials kit: the government will subsidise the purchase of school textbooks


In the scope of the programme “School essentials kit,” the government will allocate PLN 180 M towards aid in the purchase of textbooks. The financial support will apply to more than 575 thousand pupils.

Conditions of the programme

In the case of first grade primary school pupils and relevant art school pupils, income cannot exceed a net PLN 539 per person in the family.

In the case of pupils of other grades included in the programme, the income cannot exceed a net PLN 456 per person.

Parents of handicapped children holding a decision on the need of special education may apply for financial aid from the programme irrespective of their income.

Furthermore, 5 percent of pupils who do not meet the above criteria may be eligible for a school essentials kit based on a positive opinion issued by the commune administrator, mayor or city president.

Funding in 2013

  • Grades 1-3 of primary school – up to PLN 225,
  • Grade 4 of primary school – up to PLN 325,
  • Grade 2 of basic vocational school – up to PLN 390,
  • Grade 2 of high school (high school, vocational high school) – up to PLN 445.

Handicapped pupils may be eligible for funding of up to PLN 770 in a primary school and up to PLN 607 in middle school.


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