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In the Parliament Agnieszka Pomaska represents the interests of Gdansk and Pomarania. In 2011-2015 she worked in European Union Affairs Committee and Committee on Liaison with Poles Abroad.

Polish Parliament – Sejm

The Sejm plays a vital role in the governmental system of Poland. This fact is attributable to the long historic tradition of our country, its political culture and contemporary experiences in the field of political governance expressed in the provisions of the 1997 Constitution. According to this Constitution, the Republic of Poland is a democratic State ruled by law, whose system rests on the principle of the separation and balance of powers. The Constitution recognises the inherent, inalienable and inviolable dignity of people as a source of rights and freedoms. The fulfilment of those values and principles makes indispensable a democratically elected Parliament which would create law and control the activities of the executive power.

According to the Constitution, the Sejm is composed of 460 Deputies chosen for a 4-year term of office. There are 100 Senators who are also elected for 4 years. Terms of offices of the Sejm and the Senate begin on the day on which the Sejm assembles for its first sitting and continue the day preceding the assembly of the Sejm of the succeeding term of office. Elections to the Sejm are ordered by the President of the Republic no later than 90 days before the expiry of its term of office.

The Sejm works in accordance with the principle of permanence – there is no division of the term of office into sessions and periods between sessions; sittings of the Sejm are open to the public. The Sejm may resolve to hold a debate in secret (by an absolute majority vote taken in the presence of at least half of the statutory number of Deputies), if the interest of the State so requires.

Source: Sejm official site

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