“Law and Justice has been ignoring environmental issues, environmental degradation disasters and all that this entails for the past 8 years” – “Climate Prescription” strike in Gdansk.


On Monday (31.07), MEP Agnieszka Pomaska took part in the “Prescription for Climate” Strike, which took place in Gdansk by the Neptune Fountain, and was organized by the New Generation association in cooperation with other youth organizations.

Climate change is one of the most serious challenges currently facing humanity. In recent years, the world has experienced a series of extreme weather and atmospheric phenomena that are associated with global warming and climate change.

This is not only an environmental problem, but also a socioeconomic and health problem that requires the concerted efforts of the international community, governments, the private sector and each of us. “Meanwhile, the Law and Justice government has been ignoring environmental problems for the past eight years, the disasters of environmental degradation and all that this entails.” – Agnieszka Pomaska, speaking at the Strike, pointed out.

Actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, develop renewable energy sources, adapt to change and increase public awareness of the problem are essential to prevent the escalation of the effects of climate change and protect future generations.

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