Meeting of Representatives of the EU Committee of the Weimar Triangle


The President of the Parliamentary European Union Affairs Committee Agnieszka Pomaska will participate on 13th and 14th November in a metting in Paris with representatives of the EU Affairs Comitee from German Bundestag, French National Assembly and Polish Senate and Sejm on a cooperation within the Weimar Triangle.

Weimar Triangle
Cooperation of the parliaments of the Weimar Triangle countries has been conducted in two forms: the meetings of the lower houses’ bureaus and of the EU Affairs committees from the French, German and Polish parliaments. The meetings of the EU Affairs committees were resumed after a four-year break in April 2008 in Warsaw, whereas the first meeting of the lower houses’ bureaus was held in Essen in May 2010. They should serve for elaboration of new forms of cooperation at tripartite, as well as the Union’s level.

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