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The Euro 2012 championships are about to begin in two weeks’ time. Hence, the launch of a nationwide campaign „Poles 2012. We are all hosts”. In the coming weeks we will be building, together, a positive atmosphere of Euro 2012. We shall offer our Polish hospitality to guests from abroad, so that they feel like at home.

Euro 2012 is the largest event in the modern history of our country. Another chance to show what we’ve got best cannot be expected to come soon. Hundreds of thousands of football fans will come to Poland, and millions will be following the championships on television. We will be also hosting several thousand journalists from all over the world.

The success of Poland and the Polish people depends primarily on how we greet the foreign guests and on the atmosphere that we manage to create during the event. Let us show the world that Poland is a beautiful and open country that is worth returning to. To this end, we shall employ one of our most valued features – namely hospitality. We shall do our best to make our guests feel at home.

Over the coming weeks, in line with the „Poles 2012. We are all hosts” slogan, we shall be building a positive atmosphere of this great sporting event. A number of activities have been planned for the campaign: it will be promoted in radio and television spots, special visualizations will greet the guests in the streets and in the means of public transport, and all of us will be able to order promotional materials related to the campaign and join the campaign on Facebook.

TV and radio spots
One radio and one television spot have been prepared for the campaign. The television spot presents the effect that we can achieve by creating a positive atmosphere during the Euro 2012. It starrs three fans: an Italian male, a Russian female and an Irishman who are still recalling the great fun they had while staying in Poland. The spots will be aired on TVP. The radio spot’s convention is similar and will be broadcast on Polskie Radio.

„Feel like at home” 
Our foreign guests will be welcomed by a colorful poster with the „Feel like at home” slogan. The posters will be placed, inter alia, at train stations, on trains, means of public transport, at petrol stations and on ATM screens. In other words – everywhere where our guests will be present.

QR code
The QR code has been placed on posters, allowing all smart phone users to be redirected to the Polish Guide 2012 website. The website lists all practical information for foreign football fans.

Everyone can order promotional materials
All you have to do is to fill out the form available at www.wszyscyjestesmygospodarzami.pl. Everyone can join the campaign. The form will be available from 25 to 30 May. Two posters with the „Feel like at home” slogan, as well  as „How can I help You” and „Welcome” lapel pins in different languages will be shipped to the mailing address specified in the form. The form will be available at the website until May 30, 2012.

„How can I help You”
Everyone can volunteer to participate in our campaign. We will be handing out „How can I help You” lapel pins among all those speaking English and willing to assist our guests, e.g. by showing the way to the stadium. We have also prepared some „Welcome” pins in the languages of all teams taking part in Euro 2012. The pins will be distributed via the www.wszyscyjestesmygospodarzami.pl website. They will be also received by public service representatives.

For the duration of the event, the WJG TV station will be launched (its name is an acronym of the words Wszyscy Jesteśmy Gospodarzami – We Are All Hosts TV). The channel will be airing short videos presenting both Polish hosts and foreign fans, as well as the atmosphere and great fun during EURO 2012. Details are to follow soon.

Two Facebook profiles have been prepared, The first one, facebook.com/2012Wszyscyjestesmygospodarzami, is targeted mainly for Poles and will be informing the public how to become involved in the welcoming campaign. It will also post latest information about Euro 2012, pictures and videos, and will be a venue at which various competitions will be offered. The other profile, facebook.com/PolishGuide2012, is aimed at foreign visitors and will serve the purpose of a virtual assistance center.

Campaign organizers and partners
The „Poles 2012. We are all hosts” social campaign is organized by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy, Warsaw City Hall and PL 2012. Tha campaign;s main partners include: TVP, Polskie Radio, PKP, GDDKiA, Lotnisko im. Fryderyka Chopina, LOT, Orlen, Centrum Usług Wspólnych, Euronet and Poczta Polska. The list of partners is not closed, as the campaign is of the open variety. It can be joined by anyone who submits a cooperation declaration to kontakt@polacy2012.pl. Join us now!

Information on any new developments concerning the campaign will be provided on an on-going basis. Numerous other solutions allowing everyone to become involved have been prepared. A presentation of mobile applications allowing our foreign guests to gain access to practical information about Euro 2012 and about Poland itself is scheduled to take place soon.

source: premier.gov.pl

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