Obajtek earns too much? MPs file a notice to the prosecutor’s office.


Daniel Obajtek as CEO of PKN Orlen earns too much, and his salary and bonuses are set against the law, KO deputies believe. They announced the filing of a criminal complaint. They calculated that Obajtek’s earnings violate the law on chimneys. Besides, it is not only Obajtek’s, as the entire board of directors of the company has earnings above the limit.

The earnings of Daniel Obajtek and Orlen’s management board have come under the magnifying glass of Civic Coalition deputies. Agnieszka Pomaska and Cezary Tomczyk believe they should still come under the magnifying glass of the prosecutor’s office. Why? Because they have calculated that Obajtek and the entire board of the company earn too much.

How is this possible? According to opposition politicians, PKN Orlen is violating the chimney law. These are regulations that were introduced in 2000. Their function is to limit the amount of earnings in state-owned companies. They cannot exceed a certain value.

In the case of Obajtek and the board of directors, this is a maximum of PLN 1,585,360.80 per year. In a state-owned company, according to the chimney law, you can’t earn more than that. But PKN Orlen’s documents show that Obajtek and most of the management board got almost PLN 400,000 a year each over the limit. These are figures for 2021.

The year before, Obajtek earned almost 300 thousand too much, in 2019 he got almost 160 thousand over the limit, in 2018 – 140 thousand. Very similar amounts appear in the earnings statements of other members of Orlen’s board.

MPs Pomaska and Tomczyk calculated Orlen’s loss on the board’s over-the-limit earnings at a total of PLN 6.7 million, and with the inclusion of fringe benefits for company executives at more than PLN 8.3 million.

Interestingly, the notice to the prosecutor’s office does not concern President Obajtek and the board of directors themselves. According to KO politicians, other people are to blame for failing to fulfill their duties while overseeing the Plock company. These are Jacek Sasin, the Minister of State Assets, who should be watching over Orlen, among others, and the company’s supervisory board. It has recently included a friend of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Janina Goss.

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