Agnieszka Pomaska, MP, visiting NATO Headquarters in Brussels.


On March 28-30, Ms. Agnieszka Pomaska, at the invitation of the U.S. Ambassador to Poland Mr. Mark Brzezinski, participated in a visit to NATO Headquarters in Brussels and the Supreme Command of Allied Forces in Europe in Mons, Belgium.

Topics of the briefings and meetings focused on allied cooperation, including NATO’s presence on the eastern flank. Talks also covered NATO-Russia and NATO-Ukraine relations. The delegation was accompanied by a representative of the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw James Hallock.

The „NATO Tour for Policy Makers” program is addressed to a small group of Polish parliamentarians representing various parliamentary clubs. The aim of the program is to deepen knowledge on current NATO-related issues, including U.S. policy within NATO, and to strengthen solidarity among NATO members.
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