PO program congress. Tusk: There is no more effective Putin’s fifth column than those who divide Poles and Europeans.


PO leader Donald Tusk said during a program congress under the banner „Safe Poland” that „we would expect from the president of the United States, NATO, immediate decisions, radically increasing the security of Poland and the entire eastern flank.” He conveyed that he received an invitation from Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to a meeting with the participation of opposition leaders. Vitaliy Klitschko, mayor of Kyiv, also spoke during the congress. He thanked Poles for the support they give to Ukraine.

Donald Tusk said during his speech at the congress in Warsaw that Poland needs physical security. – We need to build, as soon as possible, a secure system of Polish defense – he added. – Here we also draw some patterns from what the Ukrainians did in a flash. There is no time for some conventional, long-term plans. Here we need to act in the same clever, innovative, unconventional way to prepare for worse scenarios as the Ukrainians are doing today – said the head of the Civic Platform.

– Today we have to start thinking in a modern, innovative way about what our territorial defense, some forms of national guard, as well as professional army should look like – he added.

He stressed that our security is related to our presence in NATO. – Today is a special moment, the only exceptional moment, where Poland can expect not only a photo with American presidents, not only a pat on the back that you are great, solidary (…) We need very concrete and massive decisions about the presence of troops and NATO structures on Polish territory,’ Tusk said.

Tusk also spoke about assistance for refugees from Ukraine. – The reflex of solidarity in Poles is admired by everyone around the world (…) These are unprecedented things and the world was really stunned when it saw what the Polish nation is capable of,” he said. – But the Polish nation was stunned when it saw the complete absence and impotence of the Polish government on this issue,” he added. – They had more than a hundred days from the clear signal that there would be an invasion and they knew very well that the first effect of this invasion directly affecting Poland would be hundreds of thousands of refugees and during these hundred days they did nothing,” assessed the head of Civic Platform.

– I have a question for the prime minister, the Polish government, the government administration: when will you finally ask for activating the mechanism of European solidarity, as Moldova did, for example, a few days ago, in order to be able to organize a rapid relocation to other European countries for willing Ukrainians. What are you waiting for – he said.


– There is no more effective fifth column of Putin, than those who in Poland and Europe divide Poles and Europeans, sowing hatred and contempt – he argued. – This is an appeal not only of a man who is often a victim of this hatred, but also of our Ukrainian friends who need Poland and Europe united and who do not dream of anything else – he added.

He pointed out that recently on government television the European People’s Party was portrayed as „Putin’s party.” Meanwhile, he added, the EPP includes, for example, the party of former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who is personally fighting back. – This is the last moment for you to close the rifts that want to divide Poles, that harm Poland, Ukraine and Europe,” Tusk said.

source: tvn24.pl

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