The dismantling of Lotos could not be stopped. Civic Coalition amendment rejected.


The opposition did not succeed in blocking the sale of Lotos Group’s assets in the Sejm – the amendment was blocked by, among others, the Law and Justice MPs from Pomerania.

The opposition failed in the Sejm to block the sale of Lotos Group’s assets by law – the amendment was blocked, among others, by Law and Justice MPs from Pomerania.

„During a war, one does not sell off strategic assets of the state treasury, and Lotos Group is one such asset, which by the current government is being dismantled and sold off to Putin’s Hungarian liaison” – KO MPs reasoned. The amendment was rejected on Friday evening.

– All PiS MPs from Pomerania voted against stopping the sale of the Lotos station to Hungary. With the support of the abstaining Confederation. Shame! – wrote Agnieszka Pomaska.

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