Agnieszka Pomaska infected with coronavirus. The MP’s application remained unanswered.


Agnieszka Pomaska asked Elżbieta Witek to allow remote voting. The KO MP is infected with a coronavirus. So far, the request has remained unanswered.

„Due to the fact that I have been diagnosed with the COVID-19 infection, I request that the possibility of remote voting be made available to me and to other MPs who are ill with COVID-19 or who are in quarantine,” Agnieszka Pomaska wrote in the document she sent to Sejm Speaker Elżbieta Witek.

The KO MP reminded that on March 26, 2020, the possibility of remote sittings was introduced in the rules of the Sejm. „On that day, the Ministry of Health reported 170 new infections and three deaths,” Agnieszka Pomaska wrote on Twitter, after which she juxtaposed the data with the health ministry’s report from the day the last session of the lower house of parliament began.

„Despite the fact that on the opening day of the last session of the Lower House of Parliament, i.e. November 30 this year, the Ministry of Health reported 19,074 new cases of coronavirus infection and 526 deaths, MPs were only able to attend the sitting stationary, which prevented many of them from taking part in the votes,” – the KO MP wrote. The document addressed to Elżbieta Witek bears the date of December 7.

On Wednesday, 8 December, the day the Sejm resumed its session, Agnieszka Pomaska informed that her request had not been answered.

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