The parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan have ended. Agnieszka Pomaska is one of the observers.


The parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan ended on Sunday with the citizens electing representatives of the unicameral Supreme Council. After 60 percent of votes were counted, groups supporting President Sadir Dzhaparov came out on top, the Central Election Commission said.

Referring to the votes counted so far, the Central Election Commission said that the support of the Republika-Ata Dzhurt party was 28 percent, 21 percent of the votes were won by the Ishenim (Faith) party and 20 percent. – Yntymak (Consent) party. The CEC did not provide final information on voter turnout, but two hours before the polls closed, 30 percent of eligible citizens had voted.

Voting took place at 2435 polling stations in Kyrgyzstan and 59 stations in 29 countries, including 20 in Russia, where many Kyrgyz expatriates live and work, Radio Free Europe reported.

Some 730 international observers, including 288 from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), are accredited to monitor the elections. One of the observers was Agnieszka Pomaska MP, who during her visit met with the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to Poland.

Around 1,300 candidates from 21 political parties competed for 90 seats in the parliamentary elections.

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