COP26: the first significant concretes and the great absentees.


On Tuesday, which was the second day of the COP26 summit with country leaders, two major agreements were announced – to halt deforestation by 2030 and to reduce methane emissions by 30 percent from last year’s levels by 2030. Observers note the absence of Chinese and Russian conductors at the Glasgow conference.


Leaders of more than 100 countries that contain 85 percent of the world’s forests pledged Tuesday to halt and reverse deforestation by 2030.

Among the signatories are Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Canada, Russia, China, Indonesia and Colombia, all countries key to halting deforestation. Cutting down trees contributes to climate change because it depletes forests, which absorb approx. It contributes to climate change by depleting forests, which absorb about 30 percent of all emissions of carbon dioxide that contribute to global warming.

The agreement will provide more than £14 billion (about 76.1 billion zlotys) to help developing countries halt and reverse deforestation, of which 8.75 billion will come from 12 developed countries and 5.3 billion from 30 private sector companies.

Summing up the progress of COP26 so far at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said there was „still a very long way to go” in the fight against climate change, but he was „cautiously optimistic” that progress was being made.

One of the participants of the summit was Agnieszka Pomaska MP, who during her speech promised to share in Poland the events that were discussed there by representatives of other countries.

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