Agnieszka Pomaska elected Vice-Chairwoman of the European Union Affairs Committee


November 14th wsa the second day of inaugural meeting of 9th Polish Parliament and parliamentary commissions were choosing their bureaux. Agnieszka Pomaska has been chosen Vice-Chairwoman of the European Union Affairs Committee!

By the unanimous decision of 42 members of the Committee, Agnieszka Pomaska and Cezary Tomczyk from KO, Anita Czerwińska and Jan Dziedziczak from PiS has been chosen as deputies of the Chariman. A moment before, Stanisław Tyszka from PSL-Kukiz’15 has been chosen for Presidency.

Agnieszka Pomaska formerly leaded the work of the European Union Affairs Committee during 7th term of Polish Parliament. She will be working in the Environment Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry Committee as well.

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