Gdańsk – the city of freedom and solidarity! We are just after final events of this year’s 4th June ’89 celebrations


It was tuesday when we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the first semi-democratic parliamentary elections after the communist regime. The main events related to the anniversary took place in Gdańsk.

Gdańsk residents have shown that the obstacles that the Law and Justice government caused were not able to break down these extremely important celebrations for all Poles – commented Agnieszka Pomaska, who was participating in the celebrations.

Over 10,000 people attended on Tuesday, 4th June, at the culminating moment of the anniversary, which was the Family Photo of Poles.

The aim of the ceremony was to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the first democratic parliamentary elections – although by intention of the communist authorities these were only partially free – which proved to be a great victory for Solidarity and the entire democratic faction.

source: www.gdań

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