Farewell ceremonies of the Major of Gdansk


The urn with the ashes of the major of Gdańsk, Paweł Adamowicz, will rest in the Church in Gdańsk. Funeral will be on Saturday, (January 19), at 12, farewell ceremonies will start on Thursday (January 17).

The details of the funeral plan of Paweł Adamowicz were announced at 11, on Wednesday, January 16, two days after the death of the president of Gdańsk at a press conference at the Municipal Office.

As Magdalena Skorupka – Kaczmarek, spokesman for the Major t of Gdańsk explained, „the celebrations were planned in such a way to enable the widest possible number of residents of Gdańsk to do the last farewell to the major. On Friday and Saturday public transport will be free in Gdańsk, we encourage you to use it.”

source: www.gdansk.pl

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