100th anniversary of Independence. Polish Independence Day


The Independence Parade organized on November 11, permanently inscribed in the celebrations organized in our city on the occasion of Polish Independence Day. The march of this year’s parade will begin at 9.30. It is worth to appear at Podwale Staromiejski at least fifteen minutes earlier. In recent years, even more than 20,000 people came. How much will it be for the 100th anniversary?

Independence Day in Poland falls on November – a month when the weather can be very unpleasant. How will it be this Sunday? According to the latest, short-term weather forecast, November 11 will be well suited for celebration: it is supposed to be cloudy, but without rain, without high wind and heat (almost +10 ° C). (…)

This year’s Independence Parade falls on the hundredth anniversary of Poland regaining its independence. For this reason, the organizers have introduced some changes with which it is worth checking out, so as not to be taken by surprise. We suggest that this year it is worth to reserve more time for the march and while there is an opportunity for it, it is also worth thinking about some nice, white and red disguise. Preferably one that will be visible from a distance.

source: gdansk.pl
photo: Grzegorz Mehring / gdansk.pl

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