White and red fan zone in Gdansk. Unfortunately, Poland lost with Senegal


On Tuesday, the Polish football team played the first match at the World Cup in Russia. Poland lost with Senegale 1: 2 on the red and white from the fans the Moscow stadium. In Gdańsk, the match was watched by several thousand people who came to the fan zone at Targ Węglowy.

Already an hour before the match at the Coal Market, supporters of the Polish national team began to gather. Most of them were dressed in national colors, with scarves, in hats, wigs, and shirts of the national team, with Polish flags painted on their cheeks. All ready to support ours. (…)

In the fan zone organized at the Coal Market in Gdańsk you will be able to see all the matches of the Polish national team (it will play on June 24 with Colombia and June 28 with Japan), England – Belgium (June 28, match will be played at the stadium in Kaliningrad), semi-final matches (10-11 July) and the final match on 15 July. The World Cup in football is in Russia since June 14.

source: trojmiasto.wyborcza.pl

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