The eighth anniversary of the Smolensk


On April 10, 2010 at 8.41, the Tu-154M aircraft with President Lech Kaczyński on board crashed at the Siewernyj airfield near Smolensk. The president and a 95-member delegation flew to commemorate the anniversary of the Soviet murder in the Katyn Forest. Nobody survived the crash.

No sublime and great words will give away the grief and grief we still feel. Our warm-hearted friends and long-time associates passed away. People who can never be replaced have gone.

Always smiling, always friendly, always open to people. They will always remain in our memory. Krystyna Bochenek, Grzegorz Dolniak, Sebastian Karpiniuk, Maciej Płażyński, and Arkadiusz Rybicki. Such characters are extremely rare on their way of life.

Honor their memory!

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