The „Polish Women’s Rights” Project


Today in Warsaw, the MPs of the Civic Platform have inaugurated the „Polish Women’s Rights” project.

„(S)prawa Polek” is the idea of ​​the Civic Platform for conversation with women.

We will be in all regions of Poland to find out what women think about matters important to them. Both the Sejm, which is surrounded by barriers and police cordons, in which for two years there is no room for debate and disputes, in which the Sejm’s regulations, good practices are violated almost every day, and punished opposition and protest marches are not good places to such discussions.

The opportunity for such a conversation is special: this year, we celebrate not only the 100th anniversary of Poland’s regaining independence, but also the hundredth anniversary of Poland’s electoral rights. Today, hardly anyone remembers it, but Rzeczpospolita was one of the first European countries to start the process of political equality. I believe that the time has come for a great social debate, a debate on the position of women and strengthening the role of women in society.

There is a lot to do in this field. Not only in terms of stereotypes, but also institutional state help.

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