May 2nd – Flag Day and World Polonia Day


May 2, although it is not a public holiday, is also a day during which we celebrate a few worth of holidays.

Polish Flag Day is celebrated between national holidays: May 1 (called Labor Day) and May 3 (National Holiday of May 3). It was established by the Act of February 20, 2004. The choice of the day was not accidental – the idea behind the project was to have the celebration of the Flag Day at a time when Poles think about their country and patriotic attitudes. Interestingly enough, on May 2, 1945, Polish soldiers stuck the flag on the Victory Column and the Reichstag in Berlin as they captured the capital of the Third Reich.

With the Day of the Flag of the Republic corresponds another holiday, celebrated on the same day – World Polonia Day. This holiday is celebrated from 2002. It was created at the initiative of the Senate of the Republic of Poland. In the Act of 20 March 2002, we read that this holiday was established „in recognition of the long-standing achievements and contributions of Polonia and Poles abroad in Poland’s regaining independence, loyalty and attachment to Polishness and help the country in the most difficult moments.”


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