Pomaska: Pregnancy is not an illness


Civic Platform MP Agnieszka Pomaska may be the first Polish MP who will bring a baby to for Parliamentary sessions, following the example of Italian MEP Lucia Roncula.

The pregnant MP revealed that when her baby is born, she will bring it to the Parliament, just like Italian MEP Lucia Roncula who recently made headlines after she participated in an EP session with her newborn.

30-year-old Agnieszka Pomaska became an MP in June 2009, replacing Lech Walesa’s son Jaroslaw who was elected to the European Parliament, but she has already made a name for herself. Polish media praise her beauty and assertiveness. A former junior champion in sailing, Pomaska knows how to pursue her goals, newspapers comment.

Recently the Civic Platform MP made headlines after she played a football match with male MPs and when she told the PM off when he suggested she should work less because she is pregnant. “Pregnancy is not an illness,” Pomaska told Donald Tusk and demanded a post of the party deputy secretary general, which she was granted. (mg/jb)

Source: Polska The Times

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