In Parliament this week: Panama papers, roaming, EU budget


The inquiry committee investigating the Panama papers starts its work this week by holding a hearing with the journalists who unveiled how tax evaders have been hiding their funds in overseas tax havens. The industry committee discusses the European Commission’s new proposal to prevent consumers abusing the abolition of roaming charges in June 2017.

On Tuesday Parliament’s Panama papers committee holds a hearing with the journalists who helped reveal the tax evasion scandal in their newspapers.

The industry committee discusses on Monday roaming policies allowing telecom providers to prevent people abusing the abolition of roaming charges in June 2017.

Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank, discusses the EU economy in the wake of the Brexit referendum with members of the economic and monetary affairs committee on Monday.

The budgets committee votes Wednesday and Thursday on more than 2,200 amendments to the EU’s draft budget for next year. MEPs have criticised the cuts proposed by the Council as they would significantly reduce investment into research and infrastructure.

The Commission presents new proposals to ensure new cars comply with all safety, environmental and production requirements to the internal market on Thursday.  After the presentation MEPs will debate the new rules, proposed as a result of the VW emissions scandal.A conference on modern anti-Semitism and how Jewish communities in Europe are coping takes place in the Parliament on Tuesday. It is hosted by Parliament President Martin Schulz and Vice-President Antonio Tajani.


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