Priorities: what Parliament will be working on for the remainder of 2016


From Brexit to the migration crisis: 2016 has proved a very eventful year, but Parliament’s work is far from finished. Until the end of the year MEPs will be working on a broad range of issues, from tackling the terrorism threat to improving the digital single market. Read on for an overview of the challenges MEPs will be dealing with the coming months.



 MEPs will work on a permanent relocation mechanism in order to relocate people in need of international protection from  EU countries under extreme pressure. Two emergency relocation systems were already adopted in September 2015.

 Members will also establish a common list of safe countries of origin to speed up applications from people coming from countries considered as safe.


 MEPs will vote on updated rules on firearms to make it more difficult for terrorists and serious criminals to buy and possess guns.

They also want to make preparations for terror attacks a crime in the EU, such as travelling or receiving training for terrorist purposes.


 Following the revelations in the Panama Papers, Parliament launched an inquiry committee to investigate tax evasion and money laundering practices in the EU. Operational work will start in September.

MEPs will also work on improving the transparency of multinationals’ taxation following a proposal published by the European Commission in April.


 In the wake of the Volkswagen scandal, Parliament decided to set up an inquiry committee on emission measurements in the car industry. The committee will present its findings in a final report.


 To further improve the digital single market in Europe, MEPs will vote on a proposal to update audio-visual rules and stop unjustified geo-blocking.

They will also decide on modernising the legislation on the posting of workers in order to tackle unfair practices and unequal remunerations.


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