Stepping stone: how to apply for a traineeship at the European Parliament


Traineeships at the Parliament offer a unique chance to launch your career, gain valuable insights into how the EU operates and above all have an unforgettable experience. From 15 August you will have two months to apply for the next round of traineeships. Read on to find out more on the traineeships offered by the Parliament and how to apply for them.

Trainees at the Parliament have the opportunity to meet people from all over Europe, forge lasting friendships and foster professional connections. In addition they are also able to gain hands-on experience in areas such as communication, policy-making, translation and administration. The traineeship could also serve as a stepping stone to a career in the EU institutions and elsewhere.

The Parliament offers several possibilities for traineeships: from a general one for university gradutes to more specialised ones for journalists and translators. While the translation traineeship lasts three months, the general one last five. Both are paid. Traineeships are also available for students who have not graduated yet.


How to apply

 Find all the information about the different traineeships and application periods on this page.

Applications for traineeships aimed at university graduates open on 15 August. If interested, fill in this online application form and submit it by midnight on 15 October. These traineeships start on 1 March 2017.

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