Lux Prize: discover this year’s finalists


The finalists competing for the 2016 Lux Film Prize have been announced: “À peine j´ouvre les yeux”, “Ma vie de courgette” and “Toni Erdmann”. The three films showcase a wide variety of genres, topics and artistic approaches: a testimony of a young generation in Tunisia, a stop-motion animation film portraying life in an orphanage and a political tragicomedy dealing with contemporary corporate culture.

The three finalists competing for the European Parliament’s annual film award are:


  • À Peine J´ouvre les Yeux (As I Open My Eyes): Leyla Bouzid (France, Tunisia, Belgium, United Arab Emirates)
  • Ma Vie de Courgette (My Life as a Courgette): Claude Barras (Switzerland, France)
  • Toni Erdmann: Maren Ade (Germany, Romania, Austria)

The finalists were announced  on 26 July in Rome during the Venice Days by Parliament’s culture committee chair Sivlia Costa.

This year also marks the 10th anniversary of the Lux Prize and to celebrate it leading figures in European cinema will join MEPs for a series of events in Brussels on 10 October.


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