Baby food: „Let’s boot out excess sugar, babies are sweet enough already”


MEPs have forced the European Commission back to the drawing board after rejecting its plans that would have allowed baby food to continue to contain up to three times more sugar than is recommended by the World Health Organization. UK Green MEP Keith Taylor, who drafted the resolution to turn down the plans, explained: „Obesity is the largest health problem that we face in the 21st century, so who would want to give babies a sweet tooth?” Read our interview with him to find out more.

MEPs vetoed the draft rules partly because they feared they were „likely to contribute to rising levels of childhood obesity.” Can you give us more details?

The delegated act the Commission was promoting would allow the sugar content in cereal-based baby foods to remain at 30%. This is in direct contradiction of guidelines by the World Health Organization that recommend a 10% upper limit or a 5% limit to be on the safe side. Quite clearly MEPs were taking the opportunity to say to the Commission: „No, let’s boot out excess sugar. Babies are sweet enough already.”

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