The Newshub: a tool to follow EP politics as they happen


Newshub aggregates social media updates from 751 MEPs, eight political groups and the Parliament itself to create a single unmissable page of Parliament news, which is constantly renewed. Read more on what it is, how it works and then visit to try it out for yourself.

The EP Newshub is an instant news service from the European Parliament, gathering in one single place all web information published by MEPs, political groups, the president and the Parliament’s news service.

How to make the most of it

On one single page you can now follow in almost real time everything MEPs from your country are saying on the web.

Or follow the political group of your choice.

Or look for trending topics among what MEPs and political groups are discussing.

Or look for a specific topic such as TTIP and see what MEPs are saying about it.



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