Conference „Innovative Europe” in Gdańsk


On October 27-28th 2015 Coalition for Polish Innovations is hosting an international conference under the title Innovative Europe. Fostering Innovation Ecosystem.

Two-day event will serve as a platform for discussion on the developmental challenges for Polish change-makers and their global counterparts.

First edition of the event in September 2014 gathered more than 200 thought-leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and academics including Julie Meyer, Dipanjan Nag and Arno Basedow. Forbes reported from the event: „If we want to be optimistic about the future of Europe, look to Poland. They have what Darwin says make you fit – adaptability”.

This year’s conference will examine recent regional policy challenges, analyze key factors for the innovation ecosystem to thrive and identify necessary toolkits. To maximize interaction inspiring keynote speeches and dedicated panel discussions will be complemented by few workshops and presentation by up-and-coming scientists and startupers.

Conference will be held at the brand new A-class venue – European Solidarity Centre, located in the postindustrial setting of historic shipyard of Gdańsk.


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