Kormoran II starts military service in the Navy


The destroyer ORP Kormoran II has been christened on harbor in Gdańsk. At the ceremony of christening and launching of the ship took part Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz and Vice Prime Minister, the head of the Ministry of Defence Tomasz Siemoniak. The godmother of Kormoran became Maria Jolanta Karweta – wife of vice admiral Andrzej Karweta who died on Smoleńsk air disaster.

– Poland is changing. We build, we repair roads, kindergartens, nursery and museums. The whole districts in town are changing and the negligence areas are getting splendor. But we need to remember about our protection – said Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz during the Ceremony in Stocznia Remontowa Shipbuilding SA in Gdansk.

In the ceremony also had taken part members of parliament, including President of the European Union Affairs Committee Agnieszka Pomaska.

source: www.tvp.info

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