Stricter punishments for drivers since 18 May


The driving licence may be confiscated for exceeding the allowed speed by 50 km/h, and drunk drivers face severe financial penalties. It is part of the changes which take effect on 18 May 2015.

You exceed the speed limit? You will lose the driving licence

A driver who will exceed the allowed speed by more than 50 km/h in the built-up area will lose the driving licence for three months.

If he decides to drive without the driving licence, the 3-month period will be extended to 6 months. If he drives the car again in that extended period, the staroste will issue a decision on cancelling the right to drive the car, which, in practice, means a retake of the examination.

Stop to drunk drivers

The new regulations also involve severe punishments for drunk drivers. Apart from punishment of imprisonment and confiscating the driving licence for life, courts will be allowed to adjudicate a fine of PLN 5-10 thousand.

Persons convicted of drink driving will be obliged to install the so-called alcolock, i.e. alcohol blockade, in their cars.

Those who will drive their cars under influence of alcohol – despite having been convicted of the same time in the past – will be banned from driving for life.

Safe passengers

The driving licence will be also confiscated for 3 months from drivers who transport a bigger number of passengers which exceeds the number of places defined in the registration card.



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