Polish-British debate about the future of the EU’s competitive


The future competitiveness of the European Union and the place of Polish and UK in an integrated Europe discussed in parliament on Friday 28th of March, representatives of parliaments and ministries dealing with the finances of both countries. This special , Polish -British Parliamentary debate was organized by the Sejm Commission for European Union Affairs and the Embassy of the United Kingdom.

– Poland clearly demonstrated that integration of the EU is to accelerate economic development and modernization of the legal system and the liquidation of the development gap between our country and other Member States – said President of the EU Commission Agnieszka Pomaska ​​. She spoke about , among others, the benefits from the participation of our country in the common market such as increasing trade , foreign investment inflows and a better quality of life. Head of the Committee on EU Affairs also stated the cost of European integration – including the need to adapt to the requirements of EU law. – Poland clearly proves , too, that the Union is not only to take , but also in order to give its activity and new energy integration – Agnieszka Pomaska ​​explained .

Chairwoman of the Committee on EU Affairs stressed that the national interests of the Member States are compatible with the common interest of the EU, but it requires compromise and solidarity. They also pointed to the priority of energy security, including measures to diversify gas supplies . According to Agnieszka Pomaska it is also necessary to precisely define a shared vision for the future development of the Community and integration.

source: sejm.gov.pl

Photo by Rafal Zambrzycki

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