Lithuanian Presidency is tackling the youth unemployment in Europe


On November 14-15th in Vilnius the Lithuanian Presidency organises a conference “Tackling youth unemployment in Europe: building a better future for young people“. The Conference aims at exploring the effectiveness of use of the European Social Fund, addressing the challenge of high youth unemployment across Europe.

“Tackling of youth employment throughout the Europe is one of the most important priorities of European Union. Already at the beginning of 2013 the European Council agreed to support the Youth Employment Initiative. In order to reinforce and accelerate the implementation of measures for Youth Employment Package, it has offered to foresee the guarantees for young people throughout the European Union. Consequently, it is very important to mention that under Youth Guarantees, all young people under the age of 25 should receive an offer of employment, continued education, apprenticeship or traineeship within 4 months of becoming unemployed or leaving formal education”, – says Algimanta Pabedinskienė, the Minister of Social Security and Labour.

6 billion Euros of the European Social Fund are to be spent for the implementation of measures for Youth Employment Initiative in the regions where the highest youth unemployment exceeds 25 percent.


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