EP President Schulz to visit Poland on 18-19 April


European Parliament President Martin Schulz will make his first official visit to the Republic of Poland on Thursday, April 18 and Friday, April 19 to participate in the commemorations of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and to meet senior government and parliamentary officials. On Saturday, he will visit the former Nazi German extermination camp at Oświęcim-Brzezinka (Auschwitz-Birkenau).

Programme of the visit:

18:00 Meeting with Ewa Kopacz, speaker of the Sejm, the lower house of parliament
18:40 Wreath-laying ceremony at the memorial plaques of the members of parliament who died in the Smolensk plane crash and of the members of parliament of the Second Polish Republic who were killed in the World War II
18:45 Press conference at the Sejm
20:00 Concert performed by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra at the Polish National Opera on the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising

09:00 Meeting with Prime Minister Donald Tusk
Press point (to be confirmed)
10:00 Official ceremony at the Monument to the Ghetto House Heroes to mark the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
11:00 Visit of the Museum of the History of the Polish Jews
13:15 Lunch with Senate Speaker Bogdan Borusewicz
14:30 Meeting with President Bronisław Komorowski
16:00 Meeting with Władysław Bartoszewski, the plenipotentiary for international affairs of the Council ofMinisters
16:45 Meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski
17:45 Meeting with students of the Warsaw School of Economics

11:00 Visit of the Auschwitz-Birkenau former Nazi German death camp

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