Agnieszka Pomaska

Sejm will continue to work on a draft law on political foundations
28.02.2011, written by

209 Polish MP’s voted in favor of the project while 217 were against and nobody abstained.

The project will now go to the Parliamentary Committee on Justice and Human Rights.

The draft law on political foundations was tabled in the Parliament in September last year. Foundations are designed to replace the existing expert fund and play an important role in encouraging a public debate on civil society issues. Moreover, the Act forbids the parties use paid promotion campaigns on radio and television or billboards while campaigning.

During Wednesday’s debate, some critical reviews had been announced and they will be addressed in the project. Agnieszka Pomaska, MP and author of the project, declared that all opinions and observations that have been proposed for this project are being collected. Most of them will be taken into account.