Agnieszka Pomaska

Another conflict of interest in the merger between Lotos and PKN Orlen. MPs submit a request to the CBA!
19.01.2023, written by

A press conference was held today in the Sejm by KO MPs Agnieszka Pomaska, Barbara Nowacka and Cezary Tomczyk on yet another conflict of interest in the merger between Lotos and PKN Orlen. A few months after the amendments to the Commercial Companies Code went into effect, it turns out that a committee working under the Ministry of State Assets, in...

Delegation of the Commission for European Union Affairs to Moldova.
18.01.2023, written by

On 16-18.01, a delegation of the Parliamentary Commission for European Union Affairs participated in talks with representatives of the Commission for External Policies and European Integration of Moldova in Chisinau. One of the members of the delegation was Vice-Chairwoman of the Commission Agnieszka Pomaska, who met with, among others, Chairwoman...

„Eliminate hatred and contempt from Polish politics.” Donald Tusk a guest of the Pomeranian Academy of Leaders.
13.01.2023, written by

Donald Tusk discussed the language of public debate in Poland today with young people at the Old Town Hall in Gdansk during a meeting as part of the Pomeranian Academy of Leaders – an educational project by MP Agnieszka Pomaska. The Civic Platform chairman came to Gdansk to take part in events commemorating the fourth anniversary of the assassination...

Expert hearing in the Sejm on PKN Orlen’s takeover of Lotos Group.
10.01.2023, written by

An expert hearing on PKN Orlen’s takeover of Lotos Group was held in the Sejm at noon today. The debate, organized by the Civic Coalition Parliamentary Club, was attended by, among others, Paweł Olechnowicz, Chairman of the Lotos Group Management Board in 2002-2016, Dr. Dariusz Wieczorek, author of an opinion on the economic consequences of...

Merger „extremely contrary to the Polish national interest”. KO deputies’ press conference on possible conflict of interest in Lotos takeover.
20.12.2022, written by

– So far, no services have looked into the privatization of Lotos,” said MP Agnieszka Pomaska of the Civic Coalition, announcing the filing of a notice on the matter with the CBA. – We don’t understand why there are more and more questions, more and more doubts, and unfortunately we are afraid that there is a second, very serious...

Success of the „Yes to in vitro!” campaign. Pomaska: we are not slowing down.
14.12.2022, written by

In September, PO politicians presented a civic bill in the Senate on the restoration of state funding for IVF treatments. Today it is already known that 100,000 citizens have signed the bill. The „Yes to IVF!” project on the restoration of state funding for IVF was presented in September. Today it is already known that there is a first...

Meeting between Vice President of the Commission for EU Affairs Agnieszka Pomaska and the French delegation.
30.11.2022, written by

On Wednesday (30.11), deputy chairwoman of the Sejm Committee for European Union Affairs Agnieszka Pomaska MP met a French delegation headed by Secretary of State for European Affairs Laurence Boone. Topics of MP Pomaska’s talks with Minister Boone included the rule of law, women’s rights and the „Yes to In Vitro” initiative.  

Autumn meeting of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Warsaw.
25.11.2022, written by

The plenary session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe was held at the Sejm on November 24-25. During the opening session in the Sejm Assembly Hall, participants and guests of the assembly were welcomed by Speaker Elżbieta Witek. Also speaking were Senate Speaker Tomasz Grodzki, acting OSCE Chairman-in-Office...

„We start collecting signatures of support for this important project, because children are the future. We will collect so many signatures that PiS will have no choice but to support our idea!”
18.11.2022, written by

„In vitro is people”. – under this slogan, the collection of 100,000 signatures for a civic bill on state reimbursement of In vitro is underway. The bill assumes that the implementation of the health policy program for infertility treatment will be annually allocated funds from the state budget in the amount of no less than PLN 500...

US elections. Agnieszka Pomaska one of the observers.
8.11.2022, written by

The Democratic Party retained its majority, contrary to predictions and the historical regularity that says that in the middle of a president’s first term, his party usually loses congressional elections. The victories in Nevada and Arizona were a foregone conclusion. (…) On Saturday evening (US time) it turned out that, contrary to predictions,...