Agnieszka Pomaska

Pomeranian Parliamentary Group officially appointed!
2.02.2021, written by

Pomeranian Parliamentary Group has been officially appointed on 22nd of January. The goal of newly established Parliamentary Group is to look after best interest of Pomeranian residents. 

Agnieszka Pomaska took up the function of Chairwoman in the Group. In the presidium of the Group there also included: Marek Rutka (from Lewica), Michał Urbaniak (from Konfederacja) and senator Ryszard Świlski (from Koalicja Obywatelska). 

On 2nd of February, representatives of Pomeranian Parliamentary Group during the press conference called for Marshal Elżbieta Witek to proceed with Pomeranian Metropolitan Act, that will increase revenues to the voivodship budget by 200 million per year.