Agnieszka Pomaska

The future of the EU Member States, including Poland
27.10.2017, written by

On Thursday, October 26, a press conference was held in the Sejm, attended by the members of the Civic Platform – Agnieszka Pomaska, Izabela Leszczyn and Dorota Niedziela.

The conference concerned a resolution adopted by the European Parliament opposing budget cuts to agricultural policy and structural funds after 2020. The resolution prepared by the MPs of the PO (Civic Platform) was not supported by the PiS MPs, who thus agreed to reduce the budgetary resources for Poland.

As highlighted by Pompey, „there is a debate about the future of the EU Member States, including Poland, which must continue to follow the path of growth, using EU funds for the development of infrastructure, public transport and cultural facilities.” She also called on the MEPs to explain their decision and to change it so that they can work with MEPs to fight for the future of Poland.