Agnieszka Pomaska

International Women’s Day 2017: the fight for economic empowerment
8.03.2017, written by

While women in the EU are on average better educated than men, they are still paid less for doing the same work. They are also underrepresented in managerial positions: only one third of managers in EU are women and they earn on average one quarter less than men. For this year’s International Women’s Day Parliament is drawing attention to the economic empowerment of women. Read more about what we are organising to mark the occasion.

During the whole week, Parliament is organising several events, meetings and workshops dedicated to five different topics:

  • Women in science, technology engineering and mathematics
  • Freedom from violence
  • Gender-sensitive policy making
  • Work life balance/gender pay gap
  • Women´s economic empowerment and UN sustainable development goals


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