Agnieszka Pomaska

224th anniversary of adoption of the Constitution of 3rd May

Today we are celebrating the 224th anniversary of adoption of the first Polish constitution.

The Four-Year Sejm, after a heated debate on 3 May 1792, adopted by acclamation the government act know in history as the Constitution of 3rd Mat. It regulated organisation of the state authorities, as well as citizens’ laws and duties.

The aim of the act was to save the Republic of Poland, whose territory was reduced as a result of the 1st partition conducted by Prussia, Austria and Russia in 1772.

The constitution was adopted at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

Despite the fact that shortly after the adoption of the basic law the Republic of Poland ceased to exist on maps of Europe, the Constitution of 3rd May was a symbol of freedom, national pride and patriotism for years.


Photo: M. Śmiarowski / Chancellery of the Prime Minister